Level 14, Lumley House
309 Kent Street
Sydney NSW 1001

Telephone: (612) 9994 8069

Email: info@moorestone.com.au



When you need an appropriate skilled and experienced professional to meet temporary business demands or fill interim roles, then our contracting service is for you. Our people are hands-on professionals (who we call associates) who to hit the ground running to quickly address your business needs / demands, such as:

  • Projects initiatives
  • Input of specialist knowledge and /or skills
  • Peak/ ad hoc demands
  • Additional professional resources
  • Interim roles to cover ‘unexpected’ or delayed vacancies
  • Divestment /Acquisition integration and management
  • Temporary replacements
  • Reporting development
  • Project Managers
  • Systems integration
  • Business Reviews

Our Edge

  • Project/roles are fully scoped so that we understand your business needs and the environment to ensure the right fit
  • We understand the environment that the finance function operates in – we walk the talk
  • Only skilled and experienced professionals are provided
  • Active ongoing performance review process to ensure delivery of expectations at all times
  • Associates are incentivised to achieve client satisfaction levels


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