Level 14, Lumley House
309 Kent Street
Sydney NSW 1001

Telephone: (612) 9994 8069

Email: info@moorestone.com.au


Join Us

If you are looking for outstanding professional opportunities as a contractor/consultant (who we call associates) where you can build a future that will allow you to develop your skills and knowledge, then Moorestone is the firm for you. We are different from other professional and contracting firms, in terms of how we operate and what we offer you:

  • Performance incentives on each job/project
  • Opportunities to generate additional income
  • Rates dependent upon nature of work (e.g. contracting vs. managed contracting)
  • Regular social / networking events
  • Ongoing professional development activities and support
  • Training in methodologies and practices


We have a structured process (part of our quality review controls) for assessing your suitability as a Moorestone Associate.

The process starts with you submitting your résumé which we will then forward you an information pack outlining the way our relationship develops.

All submissions to be submitted to: associates@moorestone.com.au

Minimum Requirements

For us to seriously consider your application, you must be able to meet the following criteria as a minimum:

1. Minimum of 7 years work experience in the finance / accounting area

2. Professional accounting qualifications / membership from a recognised university and/or professional association

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